Starting Anew


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Death is the last enemy: once we’ve gotten past that I think everything will be alright

Alice Thomas Ellis

July 25, 2016. I had watched my mom die. Watching as death took her away from me. Pain struck me as she took her last breaths. It hurt more when I watched as my older brother, Dion, saw her dead body for the first time. The pain struck harder when I had to close my moms casket on August 8,2016.

Two days after my mom had died I had a trip to California. I felt guilty going on a trip right after my mom had died and leaving my family to suffer. What I didn’t know, is that I would find myself in California. I always knew I belonged in sunny California, but I didn’t know why I would be there? I met up with my friends that I had met up with last year at kcon. We had the time of our lives but there was drama that surronded the group. I seperated  from them because I had no time to not enjoy this trip. Then I met Sierra, litaerally my other half. She was from Texas, like me. She had moved to California on a whim when she was 18 , to pursue a dancing career. We took each other in as sisters that had known each other since birth. I felt like I knew her like the back of my hand. She inspired me to move to California. Which brings me to the present time. Knowing where I needed to be.

The end of my mothers life and the birth of my new life. 

I know who and where I want to be. I am no longer the Aaron that sits around waiting for things to get better. My mom always guided my life and basically figured out life for me. Now that she is gone, everything isn’t figured out in my life. So I have to go figure it out myself. No more confusin. No more childish Aaron. I have to go out there and get what I want. This wake up call was hard but needed.

Goodbye Texas and Hello California

There are so many chances in Califronia to become a make up artist. Whether it be doing make up for random ass people or celebrities (hardly doubt). This is what I want to do. I have had controlling people from different parts of my family trying to tell me how to live. I. for once in my life, had put my foot down and said “I am 17 and in a couple days I am about to be grown”. My mother made sure to prepare for me being an adult. She always reminded me to be who ever I wanted and that no one can tell me any different about my own life. In a year after I finish beauty school, I will leave to California. Ready to start my new life.

Where Do I Go After This? 

Honestly, I don’t know if I can actually make it. I have faith in God and my mom that I will have their support and guidance from Heaven. The road that comes ahead will be fun, exhiliarting, and a story to write about later. Till then –